The Cream in My Coffee-by Laura the Book Enthusiast

After my return from Hawaii, which was glorious to say the least, I had some bad luck. Not that I believe in luck, good or bad, because sometimes bad things happen, and yet, when we are going through the bad times, it’s so easy to forget the good ones. Not to say we can’t have a bad day. I believe bad days are just our way of working our way through the clouds, so we can find the sun again. What’s with the philosophical metaphors, you ask? Well, I wasn’t just having a bad day, I was having a bad month. I will not drag you down with this information, however, I want to share with you an experience involving my own personal vice, coffee.

Our local coffee shop was having a $1 drink special. Coffee is a girl’s best friend, so I couldn’t miss out on it. Unfortunately, the hours this offer was going on was while I was working. Of course, I couldn’t let that stop me, so, I decided I would sacrifice my reading time, and go on my break. The coffee shop is just a few blocks down from my job, so I figured I could make it back in time. Well, I figured wrong.

Apparently, my fellow coffee goers have telepathic powers, and conspired against me by all going for coffee at the same time. Cars lined up around the block to the drive-up window. Of course, it wasn’t much better inside. Guaranteed my fellow coffee drinkers would stampede if startled. Already half of my break time was up, and I hadn’t even ordered. I know, I shouldn’t have been surprised that so many people had shown up for cheap coffee, but you must remember, I wasn’t in my right mind. The obvious wasn’t so clear to me.

I made it to the coffee hole, I mean register, and ordered my drink. I held back tears as I asked if my drink could be expedited, because I would be late for work otherwise. The barista told me that would be fine. I nearly gushed at her in appreciation and thanks! While waiting, I overheard her talking to the barista making the drinks. The latter’s reply, “She will have to wait.” Her words seemed to echo in the noisy room. That really got my coffee boiling, and it was hard to swallow.

Then, I heard the barista that helped me reply, “I can make if for her.” In that instant, I saw a halo appear over my angel’s head. That’s it! From now on I will my coffee savior, “Angel”. Angel got me, she understood. Within minutes, I was out the door with my coffee, and arrived back at work on time.

In all seriousness, I am somewhat of a people pleaser. I was concerned I had gotten Angel in trouble. I was pretty sure the barista in charge of the drinks that day was  management. I made up my mind to call the coffee shop when I got home.

Caffeinated, and content, I made the call right when I walked in the door. Who answered the phone, but the coffee tyrant herself, the manager? Okay, she really wasn’t that bad, although, I may not hold that opinion if I hadn’t gotten my coffee. I digress, so, anyway, I began to tell her how pleased I was with the service provided me that day. I identified the barista who helped me, and told the manager that Angel had made my day. I expressed how bad my month had been, and that act of good customer service really lifted me up. I thanked the manager, and asked her to pass on the message to Angel.

The manager, who I will call Sally, then told me how happy she was to hear a compliment, rather than a complaint. Sally admitted originally, she hadn’t agreed with what Angel had done, but after it was explained to her, Sally understood. Sally then told me she was happy the experience made my day, and was sure it would make Angel’s day as well.

After we hung up, I pondered why moments like this should be so special. Shouldn’t acts of kindness be the norm, not the unusual? By my reaction to the good customer service, and the manager’s positive reaction to me, it goes to show how important kindness is for humanity. It’s sad that kindness is often looked upon as a weakness, rather than a strength. Isn’t it amazing how the smallest things make the biggest impact? A bitter cup of coffee, can become sweet with a little cream and sugar. After all, this experience happened to me nearly three months ago, and it still resonates.

What do you think? Have you had similar experiences? How important do you think small acts of kindness is in the grand scheme of things? I would love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Once again, a big thanks to all following and liking my blog.  You guys make my day!


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