The Woman in Cabin 10

Book Review by: Laura the Book Enthusiast

            Picture the scene.  You are on a luxury cruise liner.  You are exhausted from lack of sleep, due to the traumatizing event of being robbed in your own home.  The waves rock the boat, as you will yourself to fall asleep.  You feel yourself drifting into that place between unconsciousness and wakefulness.  Suddenly, you feel yourself jerk into alertness.  What has roused you?  The sound of large object hitting the water just outside your balcony; much like the sound of a body being hurled into the ocean.  You think of the woman you met in the cabin next to you.  Scared for her life, you call security to check things out.  The security guard enters the cabin in question, only to find the cabin completely unoccupied, with no trace of it ever being so.  You stand behind him, stunned.  There is no record of the mystery woman ever being on board, and no one believes your story.  What would you do?

The above is the scenario in the Novel: The Woman in Cabin 10, By: Ruth Ware.  The protagonist, Lo Blacklock, is a journalist, who boards a luxury cruise liner in pursuit of a story.  Instead of writing a fluff piece about the owner, high dining, and spa pampering; Lo finds herself sinking into a desperate fear for not only the mystery woman in cabin 10, but for her own life.

The characters have their own unique personalities; however, the story is very fast paced, and therefore they are not as fleshed out as they could be. Having said that, I read this book in three days, with limited time on my hands.  I could not put this book down.  I cared very much about what would happen to Lo, and found myself living the situation with her every step of the way.  The protagonist genuinely cares about people, and one can see this with how desperate Lo was to help the mystery woman.  This is illustrated when Lo says, “I know what it’s like. Don’t you see? I know what she must have felt like, when someone came for her in the middle of the night. That’s why I have to find out who did this to her.”  Lo cares, so we care.

If you like suspense, mystery, and psychological thrillers, you will enjoy The Woman in Cabin 10.  Ware creates a gripping tale that will have you clutching at your life preserver, so to speak.  I would recommend you take the plunge, and dive into a copy of this novel.  It will take you on a cruise you will never forget.


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