Hello Blog Enthusiasts!  This is my very first blog post ever!  I have been shuffling my feet, so to speak, starting a blog.  Probably because I am not inclined to update on my social media websites everyday, but I plan to change that.  I plan on updating at the very least once a month, at least for book reviews, however, I have many interests, so I plan on posting weekly.  Some of my other interests include: MBTI, Sociology in its many forms, libraries (of course), movies, and travel.  You will more than likely see some posts regarding these interests.  I like to write about many different things, however, so some of my posts may have nothing to do with the above.  Still, again, this blog will mainly consist of books reviews.

I have a lot to say, but, as an introvert, I am far more articulate expressing myself through the written word, which is one reason, among many, why I decided to start this blog.  I look forward to doing so, and perhaps entertaining you even a little. See you around the blogs!


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